Point Of Sale Integration

Employee theft in retail establishments costs Millions !

Employee theft in retail establishments costs Millions, The basic elements typically come down to either giving away merchandise to a non-employee collaborator without charging full price or straight up skimming cash from the till. 

CCTV integration can monitor and control employees using of POS terminals ,it can monitor and stop a no sale, void, coupon, discount, refund, over ring, and cash drawer open and help to detect the vast majority of fraudulent activity. 

All POS inputs by staff are recorded live onto the CETITEK CCTV system which can be played back in real time at a later date :

Live recorded image evidence which positions the retailer to not only detect the fraud, but take swift and certain action including termination, prosecution, and recovery of stolen assets. 

This is the reason why an effective integrated CCTV solution generates high ROI for the retailer and has a payback period measured in weeks or months. 

In many cases, employee awareness of the installation of an effective modern integrated CCTV system is sufficient to measurably improve the retailer’s weekly cash flow.