Construction Site Security

Construction site theft costs over £800 million a year .

Security for construction sites needs to be comprehensive, covering all storage areas and preventing blind spots. 

By choosing a Cetitek CCTV system you can ensure that every aspect of your security is covered while offering a more affordable method of security when compared to hiring on-site personnel or security guards.

The benefits of remote construction site CCTV security systems include:

  1. 1.  Your CCTV construction site security feeds will be monitored by security experts 24hrs a day if required .
  2. 2.  Prevent damage occurring by warning intruders away from your site with audio announcements.
  3. 3. Assure construction staff of their security and safety whilst on the job
  4. 4. Catch incidents before or as they happen with live, monitored CCTV footage, rather than relying on trying to claim back after the damage is already done
  5. 5. Prevent disruption to costly construction work by preventing theft and vandalism
  6. 6. monitor staff to ensure compliance with health and safety
  7. 7. capture time lapse footage

Supplied and installed free of charge

Once the site has power we will supply and install our camera system completely free of charge .

We will then monitor the camera system from our own dedicated control room on the hours required . 

You simply pay an hourly rental charge ,when you  no longer require the system we simply send our engineers to uninstall and collect the equipment .

Supplied and installed free of charge