Access Control

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Access control enables you to control when and who has access to your building.

In today’s society, access control systems are a valuable way of controlling and monitoring access to your premises. There are a wide variety of types of access control systems we can maintain and install. These range from key fob access or swipe cards of which are contact free. 

All of these can be PC based, networked or even standalone. We can install and maintain all sizes of system even down to the supply of end user products i.e. swipe cards, fobs etc. 

Locks and keys also allow you to secure your building, but when keys are lost or stolen, the inconvenience and expense of changing locks and re-issuing keys can be considerable. Keys may also be copied, creating more security risks.

Building Management

Access control allows people to move freely around a building, whilst also ensuring specific areas like offices and staff rooms benefit from higher security. Our solutions can be used as an effective registration tool, providing easy, automated reporting of who is on site.

  • Customised dashboards – Options to create bespoke dashboards to suit any user requirements
  • Reports – build custom reports about user events, or for individual or groups of doors.
  • Anti-passback – prevents students or unauthorised users from sharing tokens

Setting access rights

Depending on which solution you choose, access permissions can be managed remotely from a smart device or browser, from a PC or locally at each door. Our solutions can help you manage your site with a range of access permissions.

  • New user registration – speed up enrolment of new users using a PC.
  • Multiple user groups – easily set up your building using groups, such as ‘students’ and ‘teachers’. Teachers can access all areas such as the staff room, whilst students can access just the main school entrance.
  • Emergency lockdown – secure the whole school quickly at the touch of a button. In the event of an emergency, only specific security personnel can be permitted to pass through secured doors during lockdown.
  • Door entry – a quick and convenient way for Reception staff to visually verify visitors before granting them access into the school.

Automated security settings

Automation allows you to run your building efficiently, gaining more from your system than just a security solution.

  • Auto expiration dates – indicate the time period that a user’s access is valid. Visitor cards, for example, can be configured so that they automatically expire after one day. Contractors or cleaning staff can be set up to have access only between certain dates and times
  • Roll call – set your system to generate an automatic roll call report when the fire alarm goes off. This helps to identify exactly who is safe once the building has been evacuated

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